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Best Passport Covers

Would you like to get a custom passport cover that looks special and stands out from the rest? Are you in need of a passport cover that keeps your passport safe and secure and ensures that it is not exposed to the usual wear and tear? If yes, you need to look for a passport cover. But don’t worry about searching everywhere for the right product because we have got you covered. Take your time to read this article as we provide you with the details of cute passport covers that will suit your budget and preferences. So, join us now and we take a look at the best passport covers.

Why Should You Get The Best Passport Covers?

Perhaps you are wondering why you need a passport cover; let’s consider some important reasons. If you are a regular traveler, your passport will definitely go through lots of stress from time to time. This can lead to the regular wear and tear. However, you can protect your passport by choosing a unique passport cover. Failure to do so may give you challenges as the passport as well as its chips may be broken after regular use. This means that you will have to go to the immigration office to get a new one. Of course, you will expend a lot of money, time and effort in doing this.

Similarly, if you have long-term visas on the passport, the issues will be compounded. This is because you have to get visas again. These are too many troubles and you could prevent them by getting a passport cover. Don’t just choose anyone; get something that is functional and aesthetics.

The Best Passport Covers

Mulberry Leather Stripe Passport Holder

Mulberry Leather Stripe Passport Holder comes from a well-known brand. It has a great design, stripes and Nappa lined interior. This stylish leather passport cover is the perfect fit for anyone that wants a cover that combines elegance with functionality.

Stylesty Designer Passport Holder Travel Wallet

This amazing passport cover is Amazon’s top product. With its PU leather, this travel wallet gives you everything you can ever want in passport cover. Stylesty Designer Passport Holder consists of 7 different slots that can take 5 cards, 1 passport, as well as 1 boarding pass. Once you have this particular travel wallet, you can forget about getting another product of its kind for a long time because it is durable.

Zero Grid Family Passport Holder

If you are traveling with your spouse and kids, no other passport cover can be as useful to you as a family passport holder. In such a case, Zero Grid Family Passport Holder is what you should go for. This holder can take as many as six passports. Therefore, unless you have a larger family, you rest assured that this passport holder will serve you exceptionally. It also has enough room to hold 10 different cards and several other traveling documents that you may be traveling with. Expectedly, this product is a bit bulky, but it makes up for it with its high quality and functionality.

SanSiDo RFID-blocking Leather Passport Cover

This is an RFID passport holder that takes advantage of the RFID-blocking technology to offer you some levels of security. It is designed with full-grain leather that is not just elegant, but strong enough to last you for several years. So, when you buy this product, you are definitely saving yourself lots of money that you would have spent on buying multiple passport covers in the future. It is worthwhile to note that this product is relatively affordable, so it is an all-round quality cover for you.

Brooks Brothers French Calfskin Passport Cover

This passport cover’s leather is made with top-notch and original French calfskin. Therefore, it is not your everyday cover that is made with inferior material. It is durable yet appealing to the eyes. One important feature of this cover that has continued to make it the choice of many people is the fact that it is very spacious. It has 7 varying card slots as well as an ID slot. Its beauty is accentuated by its one-of-a-kind Golden Fleece lining.

Shvigel Leather Passport Cover

Portability is definitely one of the most amazing features of Shvigel Leather Passport Cover. Whether you prefer to keep your passport in your pocket or purse, this leather passport wallet is the ideal fit for you. Its genuine fabric and 100% secure design make sure that you are always in total possession of your passport. However, this product may not be suitable for you if you want to carry too many items because it is simply meant for carrying your passport and nothing else.

Royce Genuine Leather Passport Holder

A leather passport holder must be should be strong, original and durable. Luckily, Royce Passport Holder has all these excellent qualities. It is made with 100% high-quality cowhide leather that ensures that you can use it for a long time. It is a US passport cover, so safety, quality, and reliability are never in doubt as long as this product is concerned. Royce Genuine Leather Passport Holder is spacious enough to store some cash, passport, credit cards and other vital documents that you may need during your travels. In addition, this product is also comfortable and fit for your pocket, so it is always easy for you to carry it from one place to another.

Montblanc Meisterstuck Passport Holder

If you are looking for a designer passport holder, one of the most recommended products is Montblanc Meisterstuck Passport Holder. This holder is a micro-stitched product that is made with 100% European full-grain leather. Your credit cards, ID cards, passport and other important documents can fit impeccably into this passport.

Zoppen RFID-blocking Passport Holder

Security can be a major issue for passport holders in many cases and this is why you should consider getting one that has a snap closure. One of such holders is Zoppen RFID-blocking Passport Holder. It comes in an array of colors. It is also beautiful so you can be certain that it will look good wherever you are using it. Similarly, it is highly functional and will serve you well.

Handmade Curious Wanderlust Collection Passport Holder

This product is a little different from others. This is due to the fact it is actually a collection of passport holders that has over 20 designs. That is more like a multiple passport holder. Of course, each person has to pick a particular design and color that suit them. In fact, you can get US passport colors and other colors for the design of your passport holder. Furthermore, it boasts of having scratch-resistant leather. In other words, if you are using this product, it will have no scratch until you are done with it. With this personalized passport holder, you can customize your name on the holder so that everyone can know that it belongs to you before opening to your passport bio page. This somehow reduces the possibility of losing your passport.

Travelambo Genuine Leather Passport Holder

Travelambo Genuine Leather Passport Holder does its work in a basic way. Although it looks good to an extent, it does not have so much space and aesthetics as many other options on this list. However, you can be certain that it will serve you in a beautiful way. This travel wallet has an RFID-blocking feature that serves as a form of protection against all forms of digital theft. In addition to its already awesome features, this product is durable, so you have nothing to worry about when using it.

Bottega Veneta Passport Case

This is a beautiful passport case from a leading Italian designer. It comes in a wide range of colors so you are likely going to find a variety that suits your particular taste and style. As a designer passport case, Bottega Veneta Passport Case is quite expensive as it costs a few hundred dollars. However, it complements its high cost with elegance and class. What’s more, it is lightweight, so you don’t have to be bothered about the weight of your passport case. It has two interior pockets for holding various items.

Witz Waterproof Passport Card Locker

Are you a solo traveler that needs a waterproof cardholder? If yes, Witz Waterproof Passport Card Locker should be your topmost choice. This product is not only waterproof, but it is also crash-proof as it prevents your passport in case of any crash. Since it is also lightweight, it is fit for regular solo travelers that do not want to travel with bulky items. Witz Waterproof Passport Card Locker can comfortably take 4 different passports as well as several other travel documents.

Michael Kors Jet Set Passport Case

For women that can afford it, Michael Kors is one of the most stylish passport cases anyone can get. With its small, sturdy, and quality body, you can easily tuck this case into your purse. It is perfectly designed to hold a few things such as your passport and wallet.

Beis Luggage Tag and Passport Holder

Passport cover and luggage tag sets are somehow special since they combine two different products. Beis Luggage Tag and Passport Holder is one of such unique products. Its designer, Shay Mitchell, did a great job when crafting this top-of-the-range product. The complementing luggage tag allows you to combine your holder with other accessories that you are traveling with. This allows you to find your luggage without much hassle.

Fintie Passport Holder Cover Case

Fintie Passport Holder Cover Case spots beautiful, high-quality synthetic leather. This special product features a great, impeccable design that will catch your fancy. Fintie Passport Holder Cover Case is noticeably spacious enough to hold your credit cards, some cash, passport, and other small documents. The product also ensures that you do not lose your documents through its snap fastener that safeguards everything.

Pascacoo Leather Passport Holder

Featuring the technologically advanced RFID-blocking capacity, Pascacoo Leather Passport Holder is a premium product. This is highly recommended for everyone because it is an eco-friendly product that does not pose any danger to our already endangered planet. It has a multifunctional closure that keeps your documents safe for as long as you want. This product can house your credit cards, passport, sim cards, money, and lots more.

Pacsafe V150 Wallet

This is a bi-fold passport wallet that is capable of holding your passport, credit cards, cash, and even a smartphone. With the aid of its RFID-blocking material, this product guarantees the security of your belongings, especially if you are going to a crowded place. It features a wrist strap that allows you to hold it tightly; thus, preventing thieves from snatching it away from you. It is worthwhile to note that this product is large, so it may not be suitable for those looking for a portable passport wallet.

Herschel Raynor Passport Holder

The popular Herschel brand also has a cute travel wallet known as Herschel Raynor Passport Holder. It is ideally meant for holding two passports, money and credit cards. Like the other products from the brand, this passport holder features premium materials. Also, it is durable and affordable.

GDTK Leather Passport Holder

The most amazing thing about GDTK Leather Passport Holder is that it is very cheap. In fact, you can hardly find another high-quality and feature-packed passport cover that is as cheap as this product. It has lots of card slots so you can fit all your credit cards, passports, and other items into it.

Travel Neck Wallet

Crafted by Winks Travel, Travel Neck Wallet is designed mainly for travel enthusiasts that want to keep their belonging within their sight. It is a rugged travel wallet that you can easily put around your neck as you continue sightseeing, hiking and doing various other activities. Moreover, it is affordable, so getting this product should not be a problem.

Aspinal of London Leather Passport Cover

Designed from luxury leather, this cover comes from one of the brands that are known for high-quality products. Its bright color ensures that it stands out easily among other products of its kind. You can fit your credit cards, passports, and boarding passes into it without any hassle.

Arca Travel Gear Passport Cover

This stunning product is spacious; so, you can seamlessly keep all your essential items into it. Its design provides some levels of security from theft; hence, your cards and other belongings are safe whenever they are inside Arca Travel Gear Passport Cover.

United By Blue Passport Holder

Produced by United by Blue, this breathtaking passport comprises tough Hermann Oak leather that does not just protect your cards and other items but also ensures that you can use the product for a long time. It has zips and snaps that keep your belongings intact inside the holder.

Embassy Black Leather Passport Cover

Embassy Black Leather Passport Cover is a personalized passport cover that is known for being spacious and resistant. As a result of its durability, this product can be utilized for several years. It offers a snug fit and can hold your passport and other essential items that are required for your travel adventures. Notably, the embossed cover of this product adds to its overall appeals.

Tom Ford Full-Grain Leather Passport Cover

For those that can afford it, Tom Ford Full-Grain Leather Passport Cover is a designer passport cover that is both elegant and stylish. This premium product is designed to guarantee that most of your valuables can fit in perfectly without much hassle. This designer product features 6 different card slots and 2 sleeves. The logo and name of this cover are crafted in golden design; hence, the product is a nice way to announce your arrival is a classy and stylish individual.

Morris & Co Strawberry Thief Passport Holder

Morris & Co Strawberry Thief Passport Holder is another exceptional, personalized passport holder crafted by some of the most experienced craftsmen in the field. It is an attention-grabbing piece that is most suitable for a lot of arts and crafts enthusiasts. Morris & Co Strawberry Thief designed this product to be suitable for UK passports, so you may want to avoid it if your passport is bigger or smaller than the UK’s.

How to Choose the Best Passport Cover

Although there are tons of beautiful and well-designed passport covers, you can still have issues with choosing the right one. This is largely due to the differences in the needs and preferences of each individual. Therefore, before choosing any product, there are a few things that you must bear in mind so that you can select something that is suitable for you. These important things include:

  • Materials

Passport covers are made with different materials; however, leather seems to be the best in most cases. Some leathers may cause some kinds of reactions to your skin. Therefore, as you are trying to choose one, you must consider its suitability with your skin. Another thing that you must consider concerning the material is whether it is waterproof or not. Well, waterproofing is not an all-important quality of good material; however, it can prove to be essential if the cover falls inside water accidentally.

You may also want to choose a passport cover that is made with a scratch-resistant material. In recent years, RFID-blocking capacity is one of the features of most cool passport covers. The essence of this feature is to ensure that your passport, credit cards and other items in the passport cover are safeguarded against any form of digital theft.

  • Carry technique

This refers to the way through which you will be carrying the passport cover. Will it be fitting for your pocket or purse? Do you have to wrap it around your neck or waist? The choice is entirely yours. Nonetheless, each of these carry techniques offers some unique advantages over the others.

If you want something that is portable, you should go for those that can fit into your pocket or purse. However, this type may not be the best in some places as pickpockets can easily snatch them away from you. On the other hand, you can choose passport covers that can be tied around your waist or neck. This type is definitely more secure as you can keep an eye on your passport. Nonetheless, they may be too bulky for you in a few situations.

  • Additional storage space

The primary purpose of a passport cover is to help you hold and secure your passport. Fortunately, all passport covers perform this function is a beautiful way. But you may want to keep other items in the cover and this is where additional storage space comes into the picture.

Do you need a passport holder that can hold multiple passports at a time? Would you like to keep your money, credit cards, and other traveling documents inside the cover? If yes, you should focus on getting the right products that can hold all those things you want. Some holders can take as much as 7 passports, multiple credit cards, cash, and other documents while others can only take one passport without any other items. Therefore, you should think about this before choosing any product. Notably, family passport holders, such as Zero Grid Family Passport Holder, are usually the most spacious.

  • Price

Just like in other items, price plays a pivotal role in determining the passport cover that you should choose. So, before deciding the one that you want, you should think about how much you would like to spend on the product. If you want Louis Vuitton Passport Holder, Burberry Passport Holder, or other types of designer products, you should be ready to spend more because these brands sell only premium items at a relatively high cost. As an alternative, you can select a more affordable product that will only cost you only a few dollars.


Now that you have known the best passport covers and how to choose one, it is time for you to look at right place to choose the ideal one. Don’t take chances with selecting the ideal products; contact us now for the best passport cover that is not only beautiful and durable, but it is also suitable for varying purposes.


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